017 [Video, Open]
Hmm...especially for those who have lost your memories, what do you fight for?

[Saleh's been thinking about it, and perhaps they could share in each other's goals.]

[Voice/Action/Open] ...but Exdeath's thread will come chronologically last after any others!
i will not forget this
It's been too quiet. Perhaps a sign of worse yet to come...

[The Empyreal Paradox. Kain has no idea why he's always so drawn to this place, and the feelings of dread it holds for him. Yet here he is again. He keeps an eye out for Manikins, actually hoping to find some in order to train. When any do show up, he makes short work of them, taking down one after another with ease. He'll continue fighting and training for a while, but is open to interruptions- or fighting- whatever the case may be.]

Edge: Serious
[A loud sigh can be heard as Edge begins to speak into the crystal.]

So, not only is Rosa gone, but Cecil's gone too.

I never really had the chance to talk to them more, but I just hope they're back home safe and sound.

[Then he sits back down and folds his arms over his chest, sulking.]

sword in hand
[The crystal isn't meant to be on, and that's evident when nothing can be heard for a bit but soft breathing, along with some tossing and turning. Then Terra's voice can be heard faintly, mumbling in her sleep.]

Destroy...Destroy all foes...Enemy...Destroy! Soldier of Cosmos...Enemy.

insect born of a dragon's corpse
[The message is brief- it's more of a report than anything. Mostly because Golbez is hiding his opinion of that, though it is a mixed one.]

Cecil has disappeared from this world.

[Later, Golbez can be found for the first time in several days, after laying low while and after Chaos was occupying the throne of the Edge of Madness. He's mostly found in the Lunar Subterrane, but he can also be seen occasionally in the areas surrounding it. Mostly, he's thinking, and he's more likely to engage in cryptic discussion than look for a battle.]

[The Sky Fortress Bahamut is in the background as Kain has found another new brooding location, one which isn't giving him unwanted disturbing feelings or memories. At least, so far. He stares off at the sky for a moment. People keep showing up and informing him he's always a traitor, both at home and here. So what's happening now apparently isn't so unlike the past. Unfortunately. It's not a burden he likes bearing, yet he doesn't have much choice.]

I must grow stronger...

[Obviously it's been a really rough couple weeks but he's not about to give up now. Nor is he backing down from what he feels is the right course of action. Somehow he feels like he's doing this for more than just himself anyway.]

...I will grow stronger, and defeat all who would consider themselves my enemies. It doesn't matter what side they hold allegiance to- anyone who opposes me will regret it.

002 - [Video/Cosmos Filter]
Edge: Chilling out
[Filtered to Cosmos Warriors]

So, what kind of memories you guys have about your worlds?

Cosmos said that something is affecting our worlds and it's got me thinking..

and all my dreams torn asunder
[Filtered to Kain]

[She's tried to be patient, but that's faded a bit. Now, she stares anxiously into the crystal.]

Kain...are you alright? I haven't heard from you in a while. Please, let me know as soon as you can.

[Filtered to Luca]

[She smiles a little awkwardly, hoping Luca won't mind what she has to say.]

Um...I know we just met, but I have a favor to ask.

[Filtered to Team Cosmos]

I'm going to be wandering outside the sanctuary for a while. I'll still have my crystal, in case any need to reach me.

[001 - video]
i don't think so.
[Jenny's sat in her room. She's been staring at her rifle and newly acquired crystal for the longest time, thinking. She's had the advantage point of speaking to Cosmos right after she arrived, so most of the confusion has gone. Yet... things to mull over, the denial, are still taking their time to seep away.

And all the while she's been thinking, there's something that's hit home. She picks up the crystal she's been staring at to address whoever's on the receiving end.]

... it's hit, finally. That I'm not leaving.

... Guess I'm not entirely sure how this thing works, but it's recording, at least. Well, whoever's there... how long have some of you been here? How long has this war gone on?

[A pause. I can't stay forever, is what she wants to say, and is written on her face. But... that's the denial speaking, the part that wants to believe she can get out now. To run.]

This wasn't what I was expecting from the universe. The last thing I would want to find.

[This time there's a sigh, and the video ends.]

(no subject)
「pose 」
[ Color this one annoyed. She's peering into her crystal, face set in a firm scowl. ] I thought my part in this was over.

016 [Video/Cosmos Filter]
Has everyone had the honor of meeting Cosmos? I must say, meeting her has put me at ease for the time being. It is comforting to know that it is possible to regain our memories here.

[001 - Video]
-so. If I'm right then this is-

-Yup, this is for communicating, all right. No clue how it works but-

[She frowns, now addressing the crystal instead of talking to herself.]

Hey! Lady, you listening? Any chance you could drag me into this some other time? Kinda busy right now. Moon falling outta the sky, world ending. You know, the usual. I'm sure you get this excuse a lot but I really have more important things to do right now.

Round 2 - 1 ;; Aftermath
『 default 』
[The battle fades around you, and once again, you feel almost as though you are in a dream. The feeling only lasts a moment, before you awaken in your room, off of the stronghold of your god. A voice echoes in your ear, and though the speaker is not visible, you can feel them around you.]

[Unlike the previous times Cosmos has spoken, her voice is now warm, and almost happy. There is a slight touch on your forehead, and you are filled with a warm, comforting feeling as your injuries are healed.]

Thank you. The battle has been won. There are others that must be fought... but for now, please rest. My strength grows with each battle... If we continue as we have, we may truly be able to end this war.

I am sorry that you have been forced to wait for so much time. I know that many of you have questions. If you wish to ask them, please, come to me.

[You awaken to a jolt of pain, both from your wounds and from the raw, surging anger of Chaos.]

Weaklings! Allowing yourselves to be bested by those fools who serve Cosmos, when we should have had greater strength than they! Next time, I will not suffer defeat, or you will face my wrath.

It seems that some of you do not properly understand why you are here. I will clarify, for those brave enough to approach me.

[The voice of both gods fades along with their presence after those words. There is no other sign of them around you. When you leave your room, however...]

[Video/Action in Order's Sanctuary]
[The crystal is being held steady as it begins to project an image of a man's eye. It turns slightly at the person holding it appears to be examining it -- something so potentially valuable must be thoroughly investigated, after all -- but after a moment it pulls back as he moves his hand forward, allowing a clear shot of his face to be seen. He looks slightly perplexed, but not particularly rattled, and the backdrop of Order's Sanctuary can be glimpsed over his shoulder.]

So. Fellow Warriors of Cosmos? Looks like I'm one of you now, whatever that happens to entail.

[There is some bitter taste of disappointment to his words. The cause certainly sounds worthy, and he does not begrudge the voice that spoke to him when he first awoke, but all that he left behind... well. There was little he could have done for his friends, anyway. They were scattered or, more likely, dead. Better, then, that he be granted the opportunity to help someone else, perhaps succeed in protecting something where he had failed so miserably before.]

I... maybe it's a longshot, but. Is there anyone I know out there?

[It was possible, wasn't it? His friends could have been brought here the same as him.]

Terra Branford or Celes Chere. Or Edgar and Sabin. Any of that ring a bell for anyone?

[Video- Filtered to team Cosmos]
Destiny ends here
[The warrior looks especially serious when he begins to speak into his crystal. Cosmos's announcement is the first significant task they've been given since they awoke here, and he is determined not to fail in it.]

The first battle will soon be upon us. As Cosmos said, we must prepare. 

Has anyone already fought a warrior of Chaos, or their manikin? What can you tell us of their abilities?

『 default 』
[Suddenly, there is a voice in your head, strong enough to make you stop whatever you were doing. This is not the same dreamlike state is was before. Instead, everything seems more clear, and more real.]

[Cosmos's voice is tinged with what seems to be worry, and nearly sounds sorrowful. You almost feel a consoling touch.]

My warriors- battle is upon us. Soon you will face Chaos's warriors. Please, be prepared! Do not underestimate his warriors. We must defeat him.

[There is the feeling of being surrounded by overwhelming power. Chaos's voice is fiercely eager, and demanding.]

The time is upon us! The first battle will begin soon. Cosmos's forces cannot stand up to our might. Defeat them, and gain victory!

[The voice and the presence seem to echo around you for a long moment, until abruptly, the presence vanishes completely.]

[Video/ action in the Edge of Madness]
Armor: Clad in darkness
[The crystal is held in someone's hand when it starts to record. There's the impression of clawed gauntlet fingers around it. What can mainly be seen, however, is a huge man completely covered in some rather impressive armor. The Edge of Madness makes for a gloomy backdrop. He doesn't seem to be aware that the crystal is recording him.]

So, despite all efforts, the cycle has continued in its unending nature. The vitality of the gods has been more than proved.

[It sounds like a neutral statement- if he's summoned by Chaos once again, then showing just how irritated he is by that is probably not the wisest idea.]

And the crystals are to once more play a role.

... I must find him.

[And with that, he closes his hand around the crystal, inadvertently ending the display.]

i will shoulder the burden
[There's a view of the Empyreal Paradox area before the crystal is set down. Kain then jabs his spear into the ground, forcefully, picking it up with his other hand. Something about this place in particular sets him on edge, but he can't explain why. For now though, he actually has a purpose to this transmission. Something else has been bothering him for a while...]

Has anyone seen a dragon? He's darkly-colored, and there was something wrong with his tail.

Inform me at once if so.

o1 ▣ audio
[ first there's the sound of something heavy being set into the ground.

then a sigh follows. ]

Never seems to end, does it?

[ he sits down, muttering to himself ]

And here I thought it was finally done with.

001 - [Voice]
Edge: Serious
[A rustling can be heard, followed by a young man's voice.]

If this is some kind of a joke, congratulations. You got me.  I hadn't expected to be spirited away to a strange place by someone called "Cosmos" to fight a war against someone named "Chaos".


Anyways, has anyone seen my friends?  Their names are Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, [Hesitates for a moment.] ...Kain.  I wonder if they've been spirited away to this place as well...


[Video / Cosmos Filter]
sunlight on my face
[Terra's rather giddy when the crystal reveals her standing in the middle of a shop much like the one Jay revealed earlier. Moogles bustle about and various weapons can be seen on racks or shelves as she pans about.]

There's so many moogles here!

...oh, and there's weapons, too. It's only fair that our side has something too, right?

I don't know if anyone else has found it, but just in case...now you know.

[Terra can be found on the shops floor at some point, cuddling with the moogle on her lap.]

002 [Action/Video]
Blank Jay
[Jay decides to investigate the dome building in the Edge of Madness. Suffice to say that he was quite surprised with what he found there.]

Welcome to the moogle shop, kupo. We sell all kinds of weapons and armor, kupo.

Huh? [Jay tilts his head.] There's money here?

[He digs through his pockets, but only feels his dagger. Yep, he's broke.] Hmm...

If you're short on gil, defeat some mannequins, and they will drop some, kupo.

Mannequins? So that's what those things are called?

[Jay can be found browsing through the shop, paying particular attention to the knives section. Occasionally he'll glance at the moogles. Their "kupo" is rather endearing...]

[Video / Cosmos Filter]
What do we actually know about our enemies? I've seen a few of them using the crystals, but I haven't encountered any of them, yet. I can't figure out where their base is, either.

Do any of you know what powers they have? Or where they're hiding?

[Edit: 004 added a Cosmos filter due to Terra's advice. But the initial post was viewable to Chaos for a while.]

(no subject)
[ Ezio is peering into the crystal, a definite mixed look of curiosity and being impressed on his face. He's not a stranger to weird technological marvels, but magic? That's both impressive and kind of weird. ] So we're to fight a war for the Gods? Interesting. I wonder if the Gods wouldn't mind me sitting out this one. It's not my problem.

[ He pauses, looking thoughtful for a moment, before grinning. ] Still, fighting for a belle donna like that can't be all bad, eh? Maybe you should count me in.

I'm Ezio. Ezio Auditore. It's nice to meet you.

{ Video // Action }
[ Seated in Order's Sanctuary, Laguna's tossing the crystal up and down in his hand, eyeing it with an curious expression. As such, the feed is constantly rising and falling, with his face only in view about half the time. ]

Wonder what this is for? It looks too important to just be a trinket. Guess I better not try breaking it open - don't really need to find out what'll happen if I do that. It'd really put a damper on things if I blew myself up in such a stupid way, heh!

[ ... apparently he's not aware that he's being recorded, simply talking idly to himself as he leans back a little bit, frowning slightly. ]

Cosmos, Chaos, crystals... huh. Why's that all sound so familiar? Or is it just deja vu?

[ A sigh, and he catches the crystal to hold for a few seconds, rubbing the back of his neck as his brow creases a little more, his expression thoughtful. ]

It's no good, my mind's all numb. Slept too much, I guess! Maybe I'll remember more if I get moving.. might as well meet my allies, yeah?

[ And so he hops to his feet, once again tossing the crystal up and down as he walks off, unaware that it remains active. ]

grim determination
[Sigma glares at the crystal.]

Hmph, this place is crawling with filth... time for some pest control...

that's new...
[Chris sits up, looking kind of bewildered.]

Huh... this is... different. I think.

[Starts rubbing the back of his head.]

...Where is this anyway?

y so srs~?
[The feed starts with Kefka yawning and looking around with a disinterested look on his face.]

Here again, hm? Fair enough. Let's blow some stuff up.

[It's late. Ish. It's very very late when you're a 5 year old for whom bedtimes are practically a law.]


-nevermind. I'm sorry if I bothered anyone.

[She's 5. And that's halfway to 10 and that's halfway to 20 which is halfway to 40 and that's pretty much ancient. So she really should be grownup enough not to be asking if she can go into someone else's room because she's having nightmares about scary red people with too many arms.

So after that completely useless message she leaves her room carrying a blanket, attempting and failing to find a not-covered-in-water place in the sanctuary itself and giving up, curling up in mid-air instead. It feels safer here.]

Full of Love
Pardon me. I'm looking for someone. A man in white and blue armor with light hair.

[She cannot recall his name, and that troubles her. However she knows that he's important to her and that it's vital to find him as soon as she can.]

I don't know if he's here, but if anyone should meet him, please tell me?

[Video | Chaos Filter]
Crossed arms
Hmm, it seems there's a way to limit the recipients of these transmissions.

[He pauses. Oh, it's already transmitting.]

Hello, warriors of Chaos. I am Kurtis. I'd like to suggest a few guidelines for using these crystals.

First of all, block all of your transmissions from Cosmos' followers. Even if it seems trivial to you, it could become vital information in the hands of the enemy.

Second, if you find any information about any of our enemies, report it immediately. I assume you all saw that girl's transmission, so there's no need for me to describe her to you. But try to avoid killing her if you can. I... don't think she's a bad person.

Finally, report if you're going into enemy territory. If you run into trouble, and you haven't told anyone where you are, there's no way we can help you.

Remember, the only way we're going to win this war is if we work together.

Oh, by the way, does anyone know who won the last battle between Chaos and Cosmos?

001 [Accidental Voice]
Honest Jay
[Don't mind the boy as the crystal accidentally picks him up as he talks to himself...]

So here we are, expected to fight for a god without any information on the enemy. Most of the people here have lost their memories. Yet I remember clearly. I'll need to know the cause before it happens to me.

What exactly are we fighting for? According to the man I spoke with, Chaos's objective is to "bring endless darkness to the world." And the warriors he has summoned are supposed to share the same goal?

[Well, he doesn't.]

So the ones who oppose Chaos must be the "heroes" of the game, fighting to save the world. I'll need more information before I can choose a proper course of action...

[He's still thinking of his little otters back home, who are in danger. However, he's not foolish enough to mention them aloud, even when he thinks he's alone.]

i walk the path of trials
[A communicator in a crystal. After seeing Terra try it, Kain is likewise looking into the crystal to find out what he can do with it. He stares intently into it for a moment and frowns. He's not sure he's doing this right.]

By now we all know our purpose. To wage war upon our enemies...

[The idea nags at his thoughts a little, but none of it entirely brings forth anything else to him so he lets it go after a moment. He's more bothered by the things he does remember.]

I wonder, does anyone recall anything at all from before they woke? [A small pause. He sincerely hopes that this is something normal around here.] ...Perhaps even memories of... dying?

[The view shifts little by little as Terra turns the crystal slowly around between her fingers. Her voice is soft as she mutters to herself.]

I still don't understand why we have this....

Round 1 ;; Conclusion
『 default 』
[Slowly, a glow begins to build at the summit of the mountain. It builds and builds, until it suddenly explodes outward, encompassing everything in the battlefield.Whatever was happening to you in the battle, it is stopped abruptly by that brilliant flash of light. It surrounds you, and does not fade. Suddenly, you can feel a presence in front of you, even if you cannot see it directly due to the blinding glare.]

[Cosmos's voice is warm and close, surrounding her warriors comfortingly.]
My warriors... thank you. You protected me until the very end, and I am grateful, to all of you. Now, rest peacefully... until we meet again.

[Chaos's voice is small and distant, as though being kept away from his warriors.] You wretched fools! Even as I fought Her warriors, you did not strike Cosmos down, not one of you! You would even stand against me! No! I will not... let it end... like this...!

[When that fades, you are left in an empty place, one with no form. It will only be so long before this place fades away. The other warriors appear around you- it is only for a short time, but it is enough to say whatever needs to be said.]

[OOC NOTE: This is the conclusion log for Round I. In short, characters are being given a brief chance to say goodbyes and wrap up loose ends. If your character is extremely close to someone on the other side, and wants to speak to them, then they will be able to find and speak to them, if they try hard enough.]

02 - [Video, filtered to team chaos]
I have a task for those of you who are loyal to Chaos.

And a test for all of you. Some of you seem unwilling to fight. Prove your worth to me by striking down one of Cosmos' fools. Take their weapon as proof of your victory.

leaping into battle
[An irritated glare.]

There seems no end to those mannequins...

[Normally Kain would be more eager for the challenge of the extra Cosmos mannequins, but even he has his limits. It's beginning to wear him down. Besides, having to resort to an undiginifed and annoying technique to lower their defense is... not something Kain enjoys doing, and he's had to use it more often lately. Why did he take on that stupid Augment again?]

I wonder sometimes whether victory at any cost is truly worth it.

[Filtered to Porom]

[This is important, kid.]

...I need to know something.

[video | cosmos filter]
I will end this cycle of battle
[Despite how bright Order's Sanctuary has gotten after the last battle, the warrior is standing there, crystal in hand.]

It has been some time since our last battle, and still Cosmos has not appeared. Is there anyone who has been able to find more clues as to why this might have happened?

[Accidental Video]
profile of destruction
[The feed turns on as the crystal is knocked to the floor in Sigma's room, which at the moment looks more like something between a laboratory and factory. Sigma can be seen bent over a ledge using his saber for a makeshift welding torch. However the first thing that would be noticed would be the fact that Sigma himself is missing an arm and leg, while another form has only the arm and leg that Sigma lacked and was missing its head. The two bodies moved in unison, each one supporting the other however is needed.]

Amazing what one can find just lying around...

//001. VIDEO
[At first, nothing can be heard but heavy, even breathing. Then the video feed begins, revealing a face hidden behind a visor of glowing red lights instead of eyes. The lower half of his face is obscured behind the collar of a black leather trenchcoat. Behind him, the Edge of Madness can be seen. Eventually, a rough male voice speaks.]

Another proxy battle in a series of many.

[He looks down at the crystal and turns it over in clawed hands to examine it. At the same time, there is a hiss and his visor slides back, revealing a pale and haggard face. From the jaw down, he's wearing some kind of armour or exoskeleton... or maybe it's his actual body. He takes a few steps forwards, staring around at his surroundings.]

I should have known... It is impossible to hide. They always find you.

[After those cryptic words, his hand closes over the crystal and the recording ends.]

015 [Video | Cosmos Filter]

Has anyone learned anything regarding our situation? I've managed to speak with some people from Chaos, and have obtained few clues, but no solid answers.

008 + [video | cosmos filter]
light // this strength i've gained
Everyone... I know we're all worried for Cosmos, but this... is important.

I'd like to apologise for my conduct before the last battle. I should never have questioned Cosmos, and it was not my intention to worry anyone.

[Of course, he's talking about his state when Rosa's disappeared. But he won't say any more on that, so as not to cause Rosa herself worry. The less she knows about it, the better.]

Some of you may have spoken to Rosa about this already. She told me... [He hesitates, not sure how to phrase it.] She told me... I have a son.

I'm a father. [The hesitation eventually becomes a proud smile. It's still something he's coming to terms with, but something he's very, very happy about.] His name is Ceodore.

I do not know what has happened to Cosmos any more than the rest of us, but I swear to all of you I will not falter in our cause again. I have someone very special waiting for me at home, so I will not stop fighting -- for his sake, and for all my friends.

Whatever happens, I have been given hope. The war will end.

I => Video
you have no hope
[the feed comes on and it becomes fairly obvious the user of the crystal has no idea how it works or that he's being recorded for that matter, if the fumbling around and different close ups of armor and occasional patch of skin are any clue. Not that said crystal wielder is caring overly much about the shiny orange stone. In fact, there's a fair chance he'll hurl the thing away in a fit of rage. He's been mumbling the whole time and said ranting is getting louder by the second]

-enough of meaningless wars. I shall be toyed by some god no longer, regardless of their visage or final purpose. Is the change in scenery meant to change my heart as well? I shall be appeased by no empty promises nor any gifted summonstone or whatever kind of rock they saw fit to bestow upon me. You'd best throw me back in the vast pit of flames because you will never have my loyalty.

[guess who's had enough of endless battles. Although he's secretly hoping not to be stranded in the underworld again]

[ 01 // video ]
[An enormous brick wall of a man can be seen peering into the communication crystal, holding it up to his eye while he squints to examine it, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. Pulling it away from his face, he turns it over in his hands several times, looking rather awed. After several long, drawn-out "hmmmmms," he finally speaks, his voice booming. He clearly does not know what an 'indoor voice' is.]

Fellow Champions! I appear to be lost! Of course, there is little that can keep me from my true calling as a warrior of justice, but a map would help me find my way back to my calling much faster! Friends! ... where am I?

(no subject)
You Don't Say Lineface
[Basch holds his crystal in his hands carefully, looking at it. There's much to think over, with this dream and this new war. Suddenly, his armor felt all too heavy on him.]

Too many wars have I fought in, too many deaths have I seen. I do not wish it any longer.

Guess we're all asking the same question. What happened to Cosmos?

[He pauses]

Even if we win all the battles, can we still lose the war? Makes me wonder if there's a point to all this.

[Filtered to Chris]

What's your plan now? If there's another battle are we going to set up another barricade?

If nothing else, the outcome of the last battle proves you were right all along.

[Kain has been keeping to himself after the battle, being still injured and too prideful to bother anyone might have something to do with that. So he sticks to just voice for now. He sounds more grumpy than usual.]

Has there been no sign for the warriors of Cosmos? I thought by now they'd have earned their return home...

[ooc; Going from hiatus to more of a slowatus... I'll be back up to speed soon enough!]

[ 01 // video ]
[Balthier peers at the communication crystal intently, turning it over in his beringed hand before glancing upwards and taking another look at his surroundings. He turns his attention from the Sanctuary itself back to the crystal, letting out a carefully metered sigh.]

It seems as though the gods' plans for my future differ from my own. Rather ironic, all things considered. Perhaps they didn't like all our talk of taking our fate into our own hands back in Ivalice.

(no subject)
[ To say that the face that greets the viewer is an unhappy one is mildly incorrect at best; the princess that stands with communication crystal in hand is furious and she looks about ready to hurl the thing across the Sanctuary, though she has a little more restraint than that.

Not by much, though. She takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly, her voice steady, though the calm tone is a very, very thin veil. ]

I refuse to play the puppet to Gods any longer.

I will not fight your war.

(1 - Video)
[He looks at the crystal, face unreadable from behind the blue helmet.]

Hmph. A fake. But not one created by any mortal. Interesting.

[He raises a hand, his sword floating up to meet it.]

The silence has ended, the void has seen fit to return me to the world. The gods yet remain and their childish 'cycle' continues.

So Cosmos' petty gamble was as meaningless as any of our actions are.


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